The best wines are the ones we drink with friends.

Vineyards & Winery

Our mission is to make the best wine we can and serve it in a warm friendly atmosphere.


Reserve a night in our authentic 1820s log cabin- with all of the modern amenities, of course!

Events & Weddings

Our new event venue barn is ready! Contact us for prices and availability.

Our Latest News


Champagne and the Dahlonega Plateau AVA

Champagne is a massively important brand name. It represents (or so we are led to believe) all that is best in sparkling wines. Its provenance is fiercely guarded by the French AOC system. As well as the region of production, the winemaking techniques are strictly...

Blue Wine

No, this post is not about the so-called "Blue Laws" which restrict the freedom of wine producers and drinkers in USA.  Long term readers of this blog may remember a posting from some time ago about Red, White and Blue wines. A Spanish company called Gik Live launched...

Exhale for Emily

  On Saturday July 28 we are hosting a fundraiser for someone from the Cavender family! Emily Paulk was born with one lung, known as an interstitial disease, which is extremely rare. This past year she became very sick with pneumonia and is now on the list for a...

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