The best wines are the ones we drink with friends.

Vineyards & Winery

Our mission is to make the best wine we can and serve it in a warm friendly atmosphere.

Cabin in the Vines

Reserve a night in our authentic 1898 log cabin with all of the modern amenities, of course!

Events & Weddings

We will soon be unveiling our new event center barn. Scheduled to open January of 2017!

Our Latest News


Smoke and Wine

Maybe the first thought you had on reading this post was Hank Williams and “little bit of smoke an’ a whole lotta wine”. But no, this is more serious. Fruit can be affected by smoke. A few years ago, I attended a course at Smokey Jo’s on how and what to smoke....

Doctor Norton, I presume

Norton is one of the grape varieties grown at Cavender Creek. Whilst this grape is grown widely in North America (in the Mid-West and East of USA), it is almost unknown elsewhere.  In the opinion of European wine regulators, Norton is not a “real” wine grape, which...


My recent blog about blue wines which have been “improved” by the addition of artificial sweeteners and dyes shows my feelings about such heresy. Now I hear of two new ventures into artificial wine, and I am not happy about these either. Local wines labelled as...