The best wines are the ones we drink with friends.

Locals Appreciation Night: Friday, July 21st from 5-7 PM!

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Our mission is to make the best wine we can and serve it in a warm friendly atmosphere.

Cabin in the Vines

Reserve a night in our authentic 1820s log cabin- with all of the modern amenities, of course!

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We will soon be unveiling our new event center barn. Contact us for prices and availability!

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Locals Appreciation Night! Friday, July 21st

Come join us for our locals appreciation night this Friday, July 21st! We will have live music from Tommy Joe Conner throughout the evening, and from 5-7 PM light snacks will be provided to appreciate our locals. The bar will be open normal hours to grab a glass or...

July Live Music Schedule

7.1: Mike Rogers 7.2: Brandon Reeves 7.8: Nathaniel Shapiro 7.15: Brandon Reeves 7.16: Pickxen 7.21: Tommy Joe 7.22: Blue Canoe 7.23: Pickxen 7.29: Nathaniel Shapiro 7.30: Tommy...

What’s happening with the Dahlonega Plateau AVA?

You may be wondering what has happened about the keenly anticipated announcement of the establishment of the Dahlonega Plateau AVA. Word on the street is that there is no problem with the concept or of detail of the Dahlonega Plateau AVA.  It is just that the Federal...

June Live Music

6.3: Teddy Baker 6.9: Charlie Lyman (all proceeds go to support our local no-kill animal shelter) 6.10: Nathaniel Shapiro 6.11: Brandon Reeves 6.17: Tommy Joe 6.18: Brandon Reeves (be sure to come by for our Father's Day Specials!) 6.24: Teddy Baker 6.25: Nathaniel...

An update about the Dahlonega Plateau AVA

If you are interested in the progress of establishing the Dahlonega Plateau AVA (see my previous post about the AVA)  you may have noticed that things have gone rather quiet since my posting in January. The latest word on the street is that there will be a formal...

Spring is a scary time

If you are managing a vineyard, Spring can be a very scary time. When the vines start to wake after the winter, tender plant growth starts to develop. And this is the time when a late frost can wreak havoc on this young growth. If the air temperature drops below 32°F,...