Learn how to taste wine like a professional.

Have you ever wanted to go beyond “I like this wine, but I don’t know why”?

Or wondered about wines awarded 90 or more points in magazine reviews? Why does nobody ever mention the wines which only score 20 or 30 – how bad can they really be? What are those strange terms like Flabby, Legs and Finish all about?  Do wines really taste different when served in different types of glasses?

Could you ever become one of those wine nerds who identify everything about a wine from a simple tasting?

The answers to these and many other burning questions will be addressed in a tasting session led by certified wine educator Robin Hall at Cavender Creek Winery at 6pm on Thursday 28th September. This is a 1½ hour event and you will taste five carefully selected wines. A simple guide to standardized wine tasting will be provided for you to keep, and you will leave knowing so much more about wines and how to describe and rate them.

Booking is compulsory as numbers are strictly limited.  Send an email to hello@cavendercreekvineyards.com or call (706) 867-7700 for more information and to reserve your place. You can also reserve your place on our Facebook page. First come, first served.

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