I am a Serious Wine Drinker. Not just volume, but also for a long time. After years of wine tasting and lecturing, I studied in the wine trade to obtain my professional qualifications (WSET Level 3). Then a few years ago, I moved to Georgia from my native England. Now, on most Friday afternoons, you will find me in the tasting room at Cavender Creek Winery.

People have asked me “So, why go to Cavender Creek?” Well, in England, pubs are not bars, they are community living rooms. When I lived in London, a group of friends, eight, ten or even a dozen of us, used to chill out every Friday at our local pub, the Wheatsheaf on Haven Lane. We would discuss the successes and disasters of the week, the upcoming weekend and everything of interest. We would drink a bottle or two of wine or maybe a few beers together. But, these days, it’s a bit far to go to drop into the Wheatsheaf and we have found a similar friendly atmosphere at Cavender Creek.

A winery tasting room is more than a shop front for the winery. It is a place where the spirit of the place shows through. And Cavender Creek is a place full of happy, determined folk who are making a success of the difficult business of producing wine. Which is why I am happy to be part of the Friday Club, along with good friends I have made here.

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