Our Philosophy

Rustic. Serene. Tasteful Memories.

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“We capture what the true spirit of a north Georgia winery should feel like.”

Here at Cavender Creek Vineyards & Winery, we have a simple mission, to create good wines and make good friends. We are a small winery dedicated to hand-crafted wines made on-site. We are members of a close knit community that enjoys having fun, learning about wine and most importantly drinking it!

Claire Livingston is a the proud owner of Cavender Creek Vineyards and Winery and those were her goals from the beginning. The winery is rustic, honest and welcoming. Cavender Creek is not a Napa Valley look alike. Everyone and everything is shown appreciation and attention at Cavender Creek Winery. We can focus on details because we are a small winery. Cavender Creek doesn’t just have a tasting room, it has a center for community and good wine.

We invite you to relax with us, drink wine with us, celebrate, spend a weekend, and take things a little slower pace.

We are a proud member of the following organizations.

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