Interesting things happened on November 8th this year. Apart from the issue of electing a President, many states had local propositions on the ballot. Californians passed Proposition 64 by a margin of 56% to 46%. This extends the legal growing and sale of cannabis for medical purposes to include recreational use. The full documentation about the proposition runs to 62 pages, placing many restrictions on age limits, advertising and the location of cannabis sales. The state of California has more than a year to put in place the regulations and licensing. But it certainly appears to be coming.

Growing grapes and making wine is not always a profitable venture. Now Californian vineyard owners have an interesting conundrum. Should they keep on growing grapes and making wine? Or decide to make a whole lot more money by grubbing up the vines to grow cannabis plants instead? That’s the choice that is now open following the mind blowing vote.

It is estimated grape growers could make six times more an acre if they switched to growing cannabis. US drinks giant Constellation Brands has already said it is considering making cannabis-based alcoholic drinks. Constellation Chief Executive Officer Rob Sands said in an interview: “There are going to be alcoholic beverages that will also contain cannabis.”  But the timing of such a move will be affected by US federal law which is less friendly to marijuana.

You may be able to get recreational pot in California (and Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada – they also passed similar propositions on the same day, adding to four states which already permit this) in the near future. However, I cannot see this change coming to Georgia soon – so no likelihood of Cavender Creek turning into a weed farm.

Robin Hall

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