As the year draws to its close, it’s time to review the status of the proposed Dahlonega Plataeau AVA.

As you may remember, the petition for our local winegrowing region to join the 241 other designated American Viticulture Areas was regarded as “perfect” over a year ago. On December 2nd 2016, the petition was put out for public comment by TTB (the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau administrators of the AVA rules). 30th January 2017, the closing date for comments, came and went. Since then, in spite of various rumors of impending announcements, nothing has happened.

In spite of this gloomy report, maybe things are starting to happen (says your ever-hopeful blogger). On December 8th, TTB announced one new AVA (Pentaluma Gap) and modifications to two other AVA boundaries. These were all petitions which were “perfect” shortly before Dahlonega Plateau AVA. Meanwhile, an further 11 AVA petitions have been designated “perfect” during 2017. The pressure is obviously building up inside TTB.

So maybe the New Year will bring a happy announcement.

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