For the first time in 2018, TTB (the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau administrators of the AVA rules) has announced some new developments over AVAs. As readers of this blog will be aware, the petition for our local Dahlonega Plateau winegrowing region to join the 241 other designated American Viticulture Areas was on December 2nd 2016, put out for public comment by TTB with 30th January 2017 as closing date for comments, and was regarded as “perfect” over a year ago

Today, TTB have announced the establishment of one new AVA (Cape May Peninsula Viticultural Area in New Jersey).  This AVA petition was were “perfect” shortly before Dahlonega Plateau AVA achieved that status. To the best of my knowledge, there are no other petitions ahead of Dahlonega Plateau in the queue. So maybe we will see some action soon – I hope (says your ever-hopeful blogger).

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